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Town Planner

Town Planners make sure that buildings and other development occur in a controlled way, so that the needs of the community, environment and business can be all achieved.

Town Planners that set up systems to control future development are sometimes also called Urban Planners, or Urban and Regional Planners, or Strategic Planners.

Planners that concentrate on controlling current development are sometimes called Development Appraisal Planners, and Development Assessment Planners.

Caroline Giffard

Caroline Giffard is a Town Planner “After doing a Bachelor of Arts in Geography and Environmental Science, I worked for a consulting firm. Next I got a Cadetship at Hobart City Council and studied a Diploma of Urban and Regional Planning. As a planner my main role is to assess applications for developments such as house renovations, new businesses or even subdivisions. large part of my work involves writing reports advising council and negotiating with developers. I also negotiate with other council staff like engineers and heritage officers through the planning process. One of the things I love about my job is dealing with the community and trying to help people understand why we’re doing things a certain way”.

Training available in Tasmania

  • Graduate Diploma of Environmental Planning, see for example University of Tasmania.
  • Other tertiary qualifications may be available interstate, in urban and regional planning.


Job titles can vary a lot. If you are uncertain about what an advertised job involves, obtain a copy of the Position Description or similar, or contact the specific council advertising that job.


Information on training courses and providers are examples only. You should make further careful inquiries with potential training providers about cost and quality before committing to any training. For further information on entry requirements for advertised jobs, contact the relevant council . Use the links to professional associations described in meet the people for additional information. Relevant training providers are encouraged to approach LGAT with requests to link their web pages to ours.