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Environmental Health Officer

Environmental Health Officers keep people and the environment healthy, by controlling communicable diseases and environmental pollution. These Officers help control the pollution of water, air and soil, by chemical, physical and biological agents.

Scott Favacho is an Environmental Health Officer. Scott checks for infectious diseases and environmental pollution, and organizes vaccinations and beach and pool testing. Sometimes he might be involved with noise complaints, waste water treatment systems and waste minimisation.

Owen Hunt

Owen Hunt is an Environmental Health Officer – “I started as a bricklayer, then I worked in administration, quality assurance and food safety for a food manufacturer. Then I took a technical officer job with the Clarence City Council, and then a Cadetship in Environmental Health which gave me a good job and allowed me to study. The best part of my job is the variety, I get to go out on the road a lot and in summer I sample water from our beaches each week. I also look at all the restaurants in town. Although much of my work means I have to apply legislation, there is room to be able to talk and negotiate with and explain what they have to do. With the skills and experience I received in local government I now work as a private consultant”.

Training available in Tasmania

  • Unfortunately there is no training for Environmental Health at any level in Tasmania at the moment. Potential students may like to look at a mainland distance course, such as the Bachelor of Natural Science (Environment and Health) at University Western Sydney.


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