Think Big, Work Local

Research and Study with a Council

Students in high schools, colleges, TasTAFE and the University of Tasmania can ask a council to help them with their studies, and their career!

Watch the video to see how a student interested in an environmental management career partnered with a council to learn so much about her career opportunities than other students would if relying on education alone.

Students can contact the relevant technical area of a council, and if the student can find a council officer willing to help them, then the student can learn about all sorts of interesting careers.  Please note council staff from technical areas will need to seek permission from their employer before they can help students.  Also note that if the student is intending to visit the council, the insurance arrangements of the relevant educational institution may need to be verified for the council.

At the college, TAFE and university levels, students may actually create research partnerships with a council.  The student, educational organisation and the council can all benefit from the process and the knowledge produced.  Councils have used student research to assist with many areas of work.  For example:

  • policy development in relation to the Sister Cities program with Japan,
  • aspects of workplace safety in youth drop in centers,
  • evaluation possible new recycling services for business.

With industry relevant research – a graduate student greatly increases their chance of employment by a council, by other tiers of government and with many consultants that provide specialist services to government and business organisations.